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Electronic Filing

Revised Electronic Filing Procedures.

In order to better serve both parents and school districts, the Office of State Review (OSR) will now accept electronically filed documents using High-Q, the online secure file-sharing platform (e-File System).  The Office of State Review does not accept documents by facsimile or e-mail and will discontinue its acceptance of documents through other electronic filesharing platform options such as DropSecure that were utilized as an emergency measure during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Parties appearing before a State Review Officer are strongly encouraged to submit records of underlying impartial hearings, appeal pleadings, extension requests, and other correspondence through the new e-File System.

The e-File System aids parties in filing documents with the Office of State Review. It is not a substitute for serving a pleading upon the opposing party in compliance with the procedures in Part 279.



Filers involved in an appeal before a State Review Officer are required to submit certain documents during an appeal proceeding, depending on whether the filer is a Petitioner or a Respondent and whether the filer is a school district or a parent. Parties will not need to register in order to use the e-File System.

The links below will direct you to a secure questionnaire within the e-File System associated with each type of document filing.  For each questionnaire, you must provide the IHO case number and the parties' names. After answering the required questions, you may be prompted to attach the document(s) being filed.  There are options to request that the e-File System generate a document automatically, such as a Specific Request for an Extension of Time, which will be filed with the Office of State Review upon completion of the questionnaire. In those instances a copy of your request will be e-mailed to you.  The Office of State Review is working to enhance the e-File System by expanding the number of document automation options available. 

The Office of State Review is in the process of revising the Appeals Process guide to further assist users in selecting the appropriate forms.


Filing Types

Links to Filing Forms Type of Filing
Hearing Record Submissions Section 279.9 requires a school district to file the Record of the Impartial Hearing with the Office of State Review.  Parents are not required to file the record of the impartial hearing. Only School Districts should use this form in order to file the Administrative Record with the Office of State Review.
Request for Review Submission Section 279.4 governs the service and filing of a Notice of Intention to Seek Review, a Notice of Request for ReviewRequest for Review, and supporting documents including memoranda of lawverifications and affidavits of personal service.   A Petitioner in an appeal may use this form to file these documents.
Answer or Answer with Cross Appeal Submissions Section 279.5 (a) governs the service and submission of an Answer or an Answer with Cross-Appeal and supporting documents.  A Respondent in an appeal may use this form to file these documents.
Reply Submissions Section 279.6 governs the service and submission of additional pleadings such as a Reply.  A Petitioner may use this form to file these documents.
Answer to Cross-Appeal Submissions If the Respondent has filed a Cross-Appeal challenging all or a portion of the IHO's decision, Section 279.5 (b) permits the Petitioner to file an Answer to Cross-Appeal and supporting documents.  A Petitioner may use this form to file these documents.  If you decide to combine an Answer to Cross-Appeal and a Reply, file the combined pleading using this form.
Reply to Answer to Cross-Appeal Submissions When permissible, Section 279.6 governs a respondent's Reply to an Answer to Cross-Appeal and supporting documents.  When permissible, a Respondent may use this form to file these documents.
Extension of Time Submissions Section 279.10 permits a party to seek a Specific Extension of Time for filing certain responsive pleadings, record submissions, or supplemental briefing directed by a State Review Officer. All parties may use this form to initiate a request for an extension.
Other Correspondence Submissions Parties occasionally have a need file other appeal-related correspondence that does not fall within the categories above, such as a withdrawal of an appeal, a response to an inquiry by a State Review Officer,  a request for direction regarding substituted service or other matters.  All parties may use this form.  This form should NOT be used for requests for certified administrative hearing records.
Requests for Certified Administrative Records The link will take you to the page for the instructions, policy and link to the submission form for e-filing a Certified Administrative Record request for purposes of judicial review.