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1. A Notice of Intention to Cross-Appeal (Form CForm C)

If the School District has served you with a Notice of Intention to Seek Review and you also intend to challenge some parts of the IHO's decision, you must prepare a Notice of Intention to Cross-Appeal and serve it to the Board of Education of the school district no later than 30 calendar days after the date of the decision of the impartial hearing officer that you are Cross-Appealing.  It is important that you provide notice to the district of your intent to Cross-Appeal.

2. A Case Information Statement (Form C/ Form C)

You must complete a Case Information Statement along with your Notice of Intention to Cross-Appeal.  You may combine the Case Information Statement together with the Notice of Intention to Cross-Appeal into a single document. The Case Information Statement identifies which issues you plan to ask a State Review Officer to review, which may be different than the list of issues that the school district wants the State Review Officer to review.  This list is not the cross-appeal itself, and you are not limited to the issues identified on the Case Information Statement and can raise additional issues in your Cross-Appeal.  However, if no party has raised a specific issue/ruling of the IHO, either in the Request for Review or the Cross-Appeal, it will be considered abandoned and will not be addressed by a State Review Officer.

3. How to Serve the Notice of Cross-Appeal/Case Information Statement

After the Notice of Intention to Cross-Appeal and Case Information Statement are prepared, copies of both forms must be hand-delivered to the school district.  This service must be to the school district clerk, any trustee or member of the Board of Education, the superintendent of schools, or a person in the superintendent's office who has been designated by the Board to accept service.

4. Failure to Serve a Notice of Cross-Appeal/Case Information Statement

If you fail to Serve a Notice of Intention to Cross-Appeal/Case Information Statement upon the school district, it does not automatically bar your Cross-Appeal.  You should still proceed with preparing and serving your Answer with Cross-Appeal within the time limits and the State Review Officer will decide whether to allow your Cross-Appeal in light of the particular circumstances in the case.