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1. If you need more time to prepare and serve an Answer with Cross-Appeal, you may ask for a specific extension of  the timelines.  This allows the State Review Officer to move the decision timeline and, in turn, extend the timeline in which you must serve an Answer with Cross-Appeal.   You must request an extension before the date your Answer with Cross-Appeal is due

2. Your extension request must be in writing, addressed to the Office of State Review.  Your request must explain why you need the extension of time and whether your child is currently receiving special education services either from a public school district/institution or from a private school/institution/provider. 

3. The State Review Officer will want to know whether the school district agrees with your request for additional time.  Therefore, you must also contact the school district's attorney before filing your request and ask if the school district will consent or oppose your request for more time and then write in your extension request to the Office of State Review whether the school district consented to or opposed the extension. Extensions for good faith settlement negotiations are allowed. 

4. The State Review Officer will inform both parties in writing whether your request will be granted based upon the circumstances of the case.

(Form G / Form G)