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In each appeal, it is the Board of Education's responsibility, whether it is the petitioner or the respondent, to file a copy of the record before the impartial hearing officer with the Office of State Review, including: a copy of the due process complaint notice; a copy of the response to the due process complaint notice; a copy of the impartial hearing officer's decision; a copy of any written interim orders, rulings, or decisions rendered by the impartial hearing officer; both a bound and electronic copy of the written hearing transcript including word indices; a copy of any prehearing conference summaries or transcripts; a copy of the original exhibits accepted into evidence at the hearing; an index to the exhibits; and a copy of any written post-hearing briefs or memoranda of law submitted to the impartial hearing officer.  Additionally, the Board of Education shall submit a Certification with the record that the record submitted is the complete hearing record.

The Board of Education is required to file the hearing record with the Office of State Review within 10 days after service of a Notice of Intention to Seek Review by the parent if the Board is the respondent, or together with its request for review if it is the petitioner.  If the Board of Education fails to comply with this timeline, the State Review Officer may, at his or her discretion, make appropriate determinations about such failure.